Hollywoodishome.org is an informational resource for all residents of Hollywood, including renters, homeowners, and local businesses. Our aim is to promote the general welfare, to provide a platform for airing issues affecting our neighborhoods and to notify the general public about events, meetings and initiatives affecting the future of our communities.  



  • Safer Streets
    • Crime free
    • Litter free
    • Congestion reduction
    • Traffic enforcement 
  • Improved policing 
    • Additional resources (personnel)
    • Better response time
    • Arrest and prosecution of ALL offenders
    • Better community relations
  • Managed growth
    • Sound urban planning practices
    • Zoning-compliant growth
    • Informed consent (community approved growth)
    • Corruption-free decision making
  • Greater community involvement  
    • Supporting the growth of neighborhood councils
    • Promoting civic pride/ responsible citizenship 
    • Encouraging cultural diversity/ group interaction
    • Working with police to promote public safety